Amar Shukla

For Amar, video games are life. He works in the industry and has cut his teeth making his first game, Island Romp (http://islandrompthegame.com) in Unity. A California native, he currently lives in Boston. He specializes in programming and level design.



Animator and 3D digital artist.


Daniel Lipson

Storyteller by night, marketing/public relations by day. The son of a veteran game developer, his passion for games started as soon as he was able to hold a controller. Raised in an artsy little town, he’s never quite sure whether he’s been living in a digital world the entire time, but that would certainly suit him just fine.

Blog: http://medium.com/@danjlipson

Click Here to see some of his early games


Sean Murphy

Mighty man of mystery and California artist and animator. One of the team's concept artists and character designers. His work can be found at www.seandavidmurphy.com.

It is believed that this is the only known photograph of the artist. It is unknowns why it resembles an ink drawing, but scientists and theologians have come up with a number of theories.


Richard Jao

Meet Richard Jao. Digital artist, storyboarder, and overall creative person. If there's concepts and sketches you need to get done with a heavy dose of nerd thrown in, this is the guy you want!

Find his portfolio here: http://richardjao.weebly.com

Nathan Borson

Professionally trained in the art of animation, Nathan has the job of asset modeling. Having played video games since childhood, he has a special interest in platformers

His animation and drawing skills can be viewed here: http://nborson.wixsite.com/portfolio