Main Characters


Penn & Paige

The soft-spoken, genius daughter of a brilliant AI researcher, Penn and her family recently moved to Calamity City. Penn has found her home with the Engineering Club, who have welcomed her in with open arms and are helping her to break out of her shell.

Penn has met her match in Paige, a loudmouthed and mysterious little robot companion with an appetite for chaos and destruction.

Together, they’re ready to face off against anything that threatens their school and the Club that they’ve come to call home.

Supporting Cast

the “Professor”

A former lead researcher for a mysterious government organization, the enigmatic man often called "the Professor” was put out to pasture as the science teacher at Calamity Middle School for reasons unknown. He sees the Engineering Club as his chance at redeeming some of his former glory, but sometimes his experiments seem to go a little bit overboard…


the Engineering Club

Penn’s scrappy group of friends who all met in the engineering club. Thanks to their robot companions, some were able to avoid the disaster and are itching for the chance to help Penn and Paige fight off the invasion!